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Grease Separators/Traps
Grease Hog Grease Treatment range features 2 Grease Traps which come with an option of Standard FG range or FGH Filtered models as shown above. Catering from a nominal capacity of 170 litres in the model 1 units to 450 litres in the model 2 units. They will store/trap 100 litres and 350 litres of grease respectively.

As well as Grease Traps we offer 4 larger sizes of Grease Separators, the GS range. Capacities are from 1000 litres to 6000 litres . The GS4 Grease Separator which has a Nominal Size of 60 which can store 4500 litres of process waste from an abattoir or meat processing plant.

Calculating your Requirement
The new European design standard for Grease Traps and Separators EN1825 stipulates that to calculate the correct size or NS (Nominal Size) of grease trap or separator then 4 major factors are required:

1. Maximum flow rate of water
2. Maximum temperature of water
3. Density of grease/oils to be separated or trapped
4. Influence of cleaning and rinsing agents used

If we assume that parts 2 3 and 4 all have a denomination of 1.5 when multiplied together, then a simple calculation can be used to ascertain the size of unit required, which is Maximum Flow Rate x 1.5. From this the correct product can be specified.

E.g. An installation with a max flow rate at 1.5 litres per second from two large kitchen areas would give a calculation of 1.5 x 1.5 which would require a unit of nominal size of 2.25.

It is recommended that a product just above the calculated nominal size is used i.e. A Nominal Size above 2.5 . The standard then specifically requires that the unit then must have a minimum volume for sludge of 100 times the nominal size for all installations. Other than abattoirs and similar processing plants which require it to be 200 times.

So for the above calculation then the trap or separator size would have to be in excess of 250 litres, which would be our GH2 grease trap which has a storage capacity of 450 litres.

Product Specification

We provide 6 standard sizes of grease separators/traps from our GH1 which has a Nominal Size of 1.5 up to our GS4 which has a Nominal Size of 60 and can store 6000 litres of waste from an abattoir or meat processing plant.

All data sheets have specific details on volumes and nominal sizes.

Grease traps should be used to support the drainage system helping prevent grease & liquefied fats solidifying & blocking the drainage pipes. They are particularly important in small kitchens, processing plants where more than 30 meals per day are served regularly and grease / bi products are discharged into the foul drainage system.

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