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ˇ Protecta-LineŽ encompasses a fully integrated system of pipe and fittings: Protecta-LineŽ Mechanical Compression Fittings, Protecta-LineŽ Stop Cocks, Protecta-LineŽ Self Tapping Ferrule Off-Takes and Protecta-LineŽ Fluid Compression Fittings

ˇ The double bonded construction incorporates an impermeable metal barrier wrapped onto a standard central core pipe of ExcelŽ (PE100) or PE80 conforming to BS EN 12201, BS 6572 or WIS 4-32-17

ˇ No contact between the pipe's protective aluminium layer and drinking water

ˇ Protecta-LineŽ pipe is from 25mm to 63mm in SDR11 PE80 and from 90mm to 180mm in SDR 11 and SDR17 PE100. Available in 6m and 12m sticks, 50m and 100m coils, depending on diameter

ˇ 6m straight lengths are available at sizes 63mm to 180mm and 12m straight lengths are available at size 125mm and above

ˇ All sizes are available in 50m coils; 100m coils are available at size 63mm and above. 63mm Protecta-LineŽ pipe is also available in 25m coils

ˇ Protecta-LineŽ Mechanical Compression Fittings from 25mm to 63mm including Couplers, Reducers, Transition Fittings, Equal Tees and 90° Elbows

ˇ Protecta-LineŽ Stop Cocks at 25mm and 32mm

ˇ Protecta-LineŽ Self Tapping Ferrule Off-Takes in main sizes 63mm to 180mm, with 25mm and 32mm outlets

ˇ Protecta-LineŽ Fluid Compression Fittings from 63mm to 180mm including Couplers, Reducers, 90° Elbows, 45° Elbows, Equal Tees, Flanged Branch Tees and Stub Flanges

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