EGS Utilities -  Drainage and gas pipes


Ancillaries & Installation Equipment
Marker Tapes
Cable Tape Tile
Cable Tile Boards
Traceable Marker Tapes Detectable Mesh Tape Hydrant Marker Posts & Plates
Duct Plugs Duct Spacers

Drawcord 220m rolls & 500m Drums

Bellmouths/End Caps Bends, Hockey Sticks, Tees Spilt Twinwall Ducts
Sub Ducts

Towing Heads

Towing Socks

Multi Cable Puller

Weak Links/Fuses Pipe Pigs & Brushes Pipe Bursting Equipment
EGS can provide a wide range of pipe installation equipment, if the item you require is not shown above, please call the sales office who will be happy to advise
                                                                                                     EGS Utilities - Drainage and gas pipes