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GEOCEPTOR is the smallest fully tested HDPE bypass separator on the market. Bypass Separators are primarily designed to act as oil and silt separators in rainwater management, their effectiveness as an oil and silt separator is dependant upon the efficiency and quality of their enclosed filtering system. The Geoceptor's patented filtering system is key to the Geoceptor's performance and what makes it different to other class 1 bypass separators..  

The Geoceptor bypass separator has been independently tested by one of Europe's leading test houses in May 2007 and is fully compliant with EN858-1. It is the first Polyethylene bypass Separator to be approved for use on the Environment Agencies Separator Providers Report. The Geoceptor bypass separator has been nominated for several innovation & design awards and has 17 patents on its unique design.

Key Benefits of this innovative bypass separator:

 An easily accessible top situated patented filter system.

 Lightweight & extremely robust for easy handling on site.

 Massive savings on installation

 Low servicing costs.

 Separates hydrocarbons from water to less than 0.05mg/l.

 Drains areas up to 11000 sq m (1500 car parking spaces).

 Can be installed in concrete chamber rings & backfilled with 'as dug' material.

 Fitted with a wireless alarm system.

 Standard & Silt Storage options.

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