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Telecommunications Chambers– Quadbox


The Quadbox system is available in standard 150mm deep structural twinwall ring sections providing maximum depth flexibility and strength and is available in the following industry standard clear opening dimensions


Drop In Furniture

One of the novel features of Quadbox is that box furniture itemsdrop into ready made pockets within the chamber. This removes any requirement to cast-in fixings or to drill on site adding to the time savings available to users.

Duct Entries

Duct entries are also simple to achieve using a standard hole saw mounted on a cordless drill. The chambers incorporate guides which identify drilling points to ensure correct duct spacing

Network Overbuild

The modular design of Quadbox makes it perfect for overbuilding on existing ducted networks. Existing cables can be managed through the chambers walls and duct entries can be cut in any location. Chambers can also be benched to avoid existing services.

Quadbox™ the choice for BT

BT has approved Quadbox for use in its network.

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