EGS Utilities -  Drainage and gas pipes


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                                                                                                     EGS Utilities - Drainage and gas pipes
Electricity Telecommunications CATV Streetlighting Traffic Signals Motorway Communications Rail Water Gas Directional Drilling Access & Utilty Chambers Ancillaries & Installation Equipment
Trackside Drainage & Cable Ducting
Heat Collector Pipe & Fittings
Stormwater management & Erosion Control
Oil Storage Tanks Water Storage Tanks & Fuel Stations Cesspools, Septic Tanks, Sewage Treatment Plants, Separators
Drink Bowls, Water Troughs, Feed Troughs, Footbaths etc.
Slotted and Solid MDPE Pipe Electrofusion & Compression Fittings Valves Flexible Couplings/Adaptors
EGS EN1401 Underground Drainage Twinwall Surface Water Drainage 100mm - 1050mm Yard & Road Gullies Twinwall Sewer Drainage 150mm - 900mm Land Drainage 60mm - 200mm Fin Drains & Linear Drainage Flexible Couplings/Adaptors Fittings & Ancillaries HDPE Structured Wall Steel Reinforced Pipe 1200mm - 1500mm
Yellow Gas Polyethylene Pipe 20mm - 630mm & Fittins Ducting Meters/Meter Boxes
Small Bore PE80 MDPE 20mm-63mm Large Bore PE100 90mm - 1000mm Tubox - AL MDPE Barrier Pipe System 25mm - 250mm Compression Fittings Electrofusion Fittings Pupped & Long Spigot Fittings Valves Chambers PVCu & ABS Pressure Systems Pumps Meters/Meter Chambers Ducting Fittings, Ancillaries & Installation Equipment